Car Trailer


15ft Car Trailer Braked Trailer
Dual Axle with Load Share Suspension 
Includes Jockey wheel

Customise Trailer

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Size & Weight

based on 15ft trailer 
ATM (Trailer & Load) 2000kg
Trailer Weight 780kg
Max Load Capacity 1220kg
Overall Length 0
Overall Width 2.50m
Brake Away no
Beaver Tail or  Tilt ($500 extra)
Slide Under Ramps
Cage Height nil
Drawbar 1800mm 100×50 3mm


Main Chassis 100 x 50 x 3mm
Number Axles 2
Axle Type 45mm Solid
Brake Mechanical
Disc Type Disc 10 inch
Rim – Tyre 195 – 15in
Stud Pattern Land Crusier
Bearings In LM68149/10  –  Out LM12749/10
Bearing Seal BS – 35
Suspension Rocker


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