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At Titanium Trailers, we do box trailers right.

Whether from our custom in-house designs or our selected imported range, every trailer is built tough for Australian conditions. They’re not just for carrying stuff; they’re made to last, no matter where you take them or what you throw in them.

Based in Townsville, we know a thing or two about what a good trailer needs to withstand. Our range of box trailers is broad, ensuring we’ve got something that fits what you’re after. Need something specific? We also offer custom trailer sales tailored to your exact needs.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a box trailer for sale, Titanium Trailers has got you covered. Every trailer is built with quality and practicality in mind, ready for work.

We offer finance options to make things easier on your pocket and can arrange delivery across Australia.

800mm cage as standard

Jocky Wheel as standard

Tilt Function as standard

Main Chassis 50x50x3mm Glavanised Steel 

45mm Solid axle suspension

Front and rear opening cage

Optional front toolboxes

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  • Box Trailers: Built Tough, Made Right

    Titanium Trailers keeps it straightforward: solid, no-nonsense box trailers. Every single one is crafted with the tradies in mind – functional, durable, and ready to take on the challenges of the Aussie landscape.

    From our Single Axel 6×4 Box Trailers at 750kg priced at $1950, right up to our robust Dual Axel 12×6 3000kg Box Trailers priced at $5750, we’ve got a range to suit every need and budget.

    All our boxies come equipped with jockey wheels and an 800mm cage as standard. Whether you’re carting tools to rugged job sites or transporting gear for your next camping trip, you can count on our trailers to deliver every time.

    We focus on the essentials: strength and durability. Our trailers are primarily crafted from galvanised steel and high-grade aluminium, providing a blend of lightweight versatility and the toughness needed for heavy-duty work. For those night jobs or foggy mornings, our trailers come equipped with clear, bright LED lights to keep your path illuminated and safe.

    At Titanium Trailers, we’re more than just a trailer provider. We’re an embodiment of trust, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our core philosophy is simple: combine the warm, personalized attention of small-town service with the exceptional standards and durability the larger market demands.

    Hailing from a tradition of meticulous craftsmanship, our standing as a premier box trailer manufacturer in Australia has been forged through dedication and an acute understanding of our customers’ needs. Whether you’re a tradesperson seeking a robust solution for transporting tools, or an adventurer needing a dependable trailer for your excursions, we ensure you’re equipped with the best.

    Choosing Titanium Trailers means embracing a blend of top-tier functionality and unparalleled customer service. With us, every box trailer isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to our promise. A promise of resilience, adaptability, and a purchase experience that feels genuinely personal.

    Our team is here to help, from selecting the right canopy to after-sales support. For any queries, contact us.

    8x5 Box Trailer with Cage, Dual Axel - Titanium Trailers
    8x5 Single Axle 750kg | Titanium Trailers
    6x4 Single Axle 750kg Box Trailer | Titanium Trailers
    8x5 Single Axle 750kg | Titanium Trailers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We use durable galvanised steel and high-grade aluminium. These materials ensure our trailers are tough, yet light for towing.

    Absolutely. Whether you’re looking for a ladder rack, specific storage compartments, or an enclosed space, we tailor to fit your needs. We even offer specialized options like tradesman trailers, tandem trailers, and flat top trailers. If you’re in the market for an custom enclosed or cargo trailer, we’ve got you covered. Get a quote today!

    We pride ourselves on offering top-notch trailers that are competitively priced. With us, you get superior quality without breaking the bank. Plus, for those looking to invest more, we offer flexible finance options to make your purchase easier.

    Routine checks and occasional cleaning with mild detergent and water should do the trick. Ensure the locks are free from dirt and debris, and occasionally lubricate the hinges and locks to keep them operating smoothly. Also check out this guide on how to maintain your box trailer

    Delivery times vary based on customizations and your location, but we always aim for prompt service and keep you informed along the way. If your box trailer is in stock and there are minimal options or additions – it can be picked up or shipped out same day as your order. If it needs customisation this will add to your lead time. All of our ETA’s are displayed on the product pages.