Warranty & Terms

One Year Limited Warranty Policy – Read Carefully

Titanium Trailers & Accessories warrants their trailers for a period of 12 months to the original purchaser of the trailer (whose details are recorded by Titanium Trailers & Accessories) only.
We do not cover any person to whom a trailer is transferred. Exercise of any of the warranties is subject to delivery of the trailer to Titanium Trailers & Accessories together with proof of purchase and the date of purchase (as to which Titanium Trailers & Accessories records shall be conclusive in the case of disagreement).

Owners responsibility:
Check bearings, brakes, brake controllers, brakeaway systems before each use of the trailer and every 500 kms there after when in use.
Check all lights are working prior to towing and ensure the load is 60% front / 40% back at a minimum, ensure correct ball weight and weight distribution over the trailer for safe towing

Trailer warranty is return to our location (Factory in Townsville), freight and transport to and from is at your cost

This warranty does not extend to any trailer which is found to have been used for any purpose other than that for which it was

manufactured, which is found to be overloaded, which is altered or modified in any way, or which malfunctions due to prior damage, unreasonable use or failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance. Warranty is only valid for onroad use on sealed roads. This warranty does not cover the cosmetic appearance or rust of any surface of the trailer or its components. The Trailer must not have been altered in any way or operated outside the limits of the design specifications. Overloading and incorrect loading will void all warranties. The trailer must not have been damaged by neglect, accident, improper use or used for competitive purposes. This warranty does not cover any consequential expenses beyond the warranty repair of the trailer itself e.g. Freighting, loss of work. Titanium Trailers & Accessories shall not be liable for consequential loss of any kind arising out of the supply or operation of the trailer.

Any work agreed to be repaired by Titanium Trailers & Accessories will be done ex factory in Townsville, and freighting costs to and from the factory will be the purchaser’s responsibility. The warranty does not cover items replaced during normal service & maintenance operations & which are subject to wear.

This warranty excludes brakes, brake fittings, axles, wheel bearings, seals, tyres & rims, wiring, u bolts, and LED electrical fittings, the surface finish of painted, galvanised or powder coated surfaces & jockey wheels, canvas & zippers. All these items are subject to wear & tear & outside influences & require maintenance and upkeep from the owner/operator.
This warranty does not cover wear and tear or cosmetic changes to brake pads, winch cables, tyres, and winch straps.

Vinyl Covers  – Zips & Mould are excluded from warranty, all other aspects are covers for 12 months period

This warranty does not cover parts or equipment not manufactured by The Titanium Trailers & Accessories, as these items are warrantied by their manufacturers. Contact to the manufacturers of these parts is the responsibility of the purchaser.

All warranties & conditions implied under the Trade Practices Act, including as to one of merchantable quality, are not excluded by this warranty except that Titanium Trailers & Accessories limits its liability for breach to:

(a) the replacement of the trailer or products; or

(b) the repair of the trailer or products, at Titanium Trailers & Accessories option with all freighting costs to be the purchaser’s responsibility.

This warranty is in lieu of any and all warranties expressed or implied, conferred by statute or otherwise and is the only warranty given by Titanium Trailers & Accessories on the trailer or any part thereof. Any warranties under the Sale Of Goods Act are expressly excluded.

Paint applied to any product including trailers is not covered by warranty. Fading & oxidization from UV rays may occur to painted surfaces. Oxidation & rust has the potential to bubble paint/galvanizing surface finish. Surface contaminates could cause oxidization if not removed from the trailer. Care needs to be taken around painted surfaces to prevent damage from thinners, fuels or other outside influences. Scratches in paint causing marks or rust are fair wear and tear which is not included in warranty

This warranty will be negated by and Titanium Trailers & Accessories will not bear any responsibility for any warranty procedure or charge carried out without written authorization by Titanium Trailers & Accessories.

Canopies / Trays / Toolboxes has a 12 month Warranty, any external holes drilled will not be covered by warranty, rubber seals are not covers by warranty, fair wear tear applies as above, any modifications or prior repair work not made by us can void warranty. Gas Structs are covered for 6 months, This warranty does not apply to defects or faults caused by misuse or abuse, accident, incorrect or improper installation, extreme weather, modification or lack of proper maintenance, If a fault or defect arises during the product warranty period, the product needs to be returned to Titanium Trailers in Townsville with original proof of purchases. Off-road/corrugated use is not covered by Warranty, Titanium will be not responsible for any expenses related to this return. If the product is examined and deemed to be faulty or defective due to material or workmanship, Oxidization, Condensation or visible marks internally or externally are not covered by warranty, The owners responsibility to check and make sure all seals are working correctly and sealed from water leakage.

Tray Fitting: Any sensors for parking are not reinstalled, Camera will be remounted, Any blind spot sensors moved will incur charge, some cases the rear bar will stay on for sensors to work. You are responsible any costs or requirements for calibration or error codes after the tray is installed

Trundle Drawer, Draw is designed for installation on Trays, warranty covers the draw only, any associated costs of removal is not covered by warranty and is responsibliy of the owner, the Draw is load rating of 80kg, Draw slides must be cleaned regularly with WD40 or Silicone spray to increase movement of slides

Titanium will in first instance repair the product if valid claim is approved, if an exchange the product is decided as the best solution by Titanium, Titanium will pick a similar condition or performance at its own discretion as a replacement

​Powder coating is not covered by warranty as this is completed by a third party, any warranty work that needs to be completed by Titanium on anything internal or external that requires powder coating to be completed again, is at the owners cost, this will be discussed prior to any works being preformed 

There shall be no implied or actual warranty with respect to the manufacture of, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose of any Titanium Trailers & Accessories trailers and Titanium Trailers & Accessories shall not be liable for any transportation charges, or for any direct, special, incidental, consequential (including loss of profit) or other loss or damage whether based in contract, tort, or arising from breach of any warranty or otherwise provided that Titanium Trailers & Accessories acknowledges that this warranty does not exclude or limit the application of any provision of any statute (including the Trade Practices Act) where to do so would contravene that Statute or cause any part of this agreement to be void (“non-excludable condition”). Titanium Trailers & Accessories total liability here under for a breach of any non excludable condition (other than implied by Section 69 of the Trade Practices Act) is limited at its option to any one of supplying, repairing or replacing or paying the lost of supplying, repairing or replacing a trailer. This warranty does not cover incidental expenses including property damage.
It is the owners responsibly to have full coverage insurance on any trailer prior to leaving Titanium Trailers or on any freight arranged on your behalf.

Refund & Pricing
Upon order any deposit made is non refundable for change of mind or cancellation or delays. 20% will be charged on Custom made products, Titanium Trailers reserves the rights to any refund it may choice outside of this policy on a case by case, pricing can change when order is over 30+ days old and the increase in pricing can be added to order if exceeding this due to customer delay in collection

Shipping / Transport – All shipping and transport is requested at your OWN risk, no insurance is included for damages of good, trailers or likewise or do we take any liability for goods damaged in transit or during transit process, we recommend you take your own transit insurance

Voiding of Warranty – Titanium Trailers & its agents do its best to give the best service possible regarding in issue of warranty in which we reverse the right to void any warranty if any deamination occurs on social media (facebook, google etc), or any other forms of publication Any issues need to be emailed to [email protected] directly to be addressed. All service issues and warranty will be addressed through this service. Response can take upto 5 business days and all email requires full photo of the product not just the area in question