MSA 4x4 Accessories

Fridge Slides


Drop Slide™

Discover the ease of fridge access with Titanium Trailers’ MSA 4×4 Drop Slide™. This innovative design smoothly extends and lowers your fridge by 30cm, keeping it horizontal for easy, safe access. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, it simplifies lifting and stowing your fridge, enhancing your adventure with effortless convenience

Straight Slides

Titanium Trailers presents the MSA4X4 Straight Slides, crafted in Australia to meet the rugged demands of outback touring. This straightforward and adaptable solution offers easy access to your fridge contents. We also offer Side Straight Slide models for unique setups where the Slide is more effective sideways and at lower heights, eliminating the need for a Drop Slide™.

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  • Showing all 24 results