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Every tradie knows a reliable tipper trailer isn’t a luxury – it’s a must-have. At Titanium Trailers, we get that. Designed and assembled right here in Townsville, our tippers are ready to tackle anything the Aussie landscape throws at them.

From hauling heavy equipment to moving bulk materials, our hydraulic tipper trailers are up to the task. They’re not just strong; they’re smart, with hydraulic tipping mechanisms making load removal a breeze.

Got specific needs? We’ve got you. Dive into our range, and if you can’t find the perfect fit, we’ll help tailor a custom trailer solution just for you.

We have 2 standard sized tippers available – either 10×6 or 12×7, and include 450mm Drop Sides with 800mm cage, 4 stage hydraulic ram, and electric brakes. Every product we design is built for local conditions and designed to last.

Choose Titanium Trailers for quality you can trust, every time.

12x7 Tipper Trailer

450mm sides with 800mm Cage

4 stage Hydraulic Ram

100amp Battery Inside enclosed Toolbox

Electric Braked Axles

150x50x3mm Drawbar

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  • Showing all 2 results

    Titanium’s Tipper Trailers: Built to Deliver

    Tipper trailers, often synonymous with dump trailers, are more than just a piece of equipment at Titanium Trailers; they’re an integral part of the tough Aussie work environment. Designed specifically to transport heavy and loose materials such as sand, gravel, or construction debris, they’re indispensable in industries like construction, agriculture, and mining.

    From the space-efficient 10×6 Dual Axel Flat Deck model to the roomy 12×7 Dual Axle Flat Deck, our trailers, rated at 3500kg, are tailored to various tasks and budgets. Each trailer is equipped with 450mm drop-down sides, an 800mm cage, a powerful 4-stage Hydraulic Ram, and a 100amp battery inside an enclosed toolbox – everything you need for a smooth and efficient operation.

    We never cut corners when it comes to safety. Our tipper trailers come standard with features like electric drum brakes and Rocker roller load share suspension, ensuring a stable journey regardless of the load or terrain. Whether you’re moving construction supplies, agricultural produce, or simply doing a big garden overhaul, our tippers promise an effortless unloading experience.

    Made mainly of galvanised steel, the robust build of our tipper trailers is evident. The 150x50x3mm drawbar and 50x50x3mm main chassis guarantee they’re up for any challenge. Plus, for those early starts or late finishes, the bright LED lights ensure clear visibility, keeping your route safe.

    In the world of tipper trailers, Titanium Trailers stands out. Our legacy is built on consistent quality, understanding our customers, and catering to the unique challenges of Australian tradies. When you choose Titanium, you’re not just investing in a trailer; you’re getting a reliable partner for all your hauling needs.

    Picking the right tipper for your job or have queries about maintenance? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here, ready to assist.

    Large Black Tipper Trailer with Hydraulic Lift
    tipper trailer galvanised
    Tipper Trailer Battery Box
    Tipper Trailer 12x7 dual axel

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hydraulic tipper trailers are primarily used to transport and unload heavy or bulk materials, such as gravel, soil, sand, and construction debris. They’re popular in industries like construction, landscaping, agriculture, and mining due to their ease of unloading.

    A hydraulic tipper trailer, often referred to as a dump trailer or tipping trailer, is a specialized type of hauling equipment designed with a hydraulic system that enables the bed or platform of the trailer to be lifted or tilted. This unique function facilitates the efficient unloading of goods, materials, or debris, eliminating the need for manual labor.

    Operating through a hydraulic pump mechanism, the tipper trailer’s bed is activated by fluid pressure which causes it to lift at an angle, ensuring easy offloading of its contents either from the rear or side, based on the design. Constructed with a robust frame, typically of steel or aluminum, the trailer’s structure includes the heavy-duty bed, sidewalls (which can be removable or fixed), and the crucial hydraulic lifting system. Some advanced tipping trailers also offer remote-controlled tipping capabilities for added convenience and safety.

    These trailers, also known as hydraulic dump trailers or simply tippers, provide significant advantages over traditional trailers. They’re especially handy when transporting loose materials such as sand, gravel, or construction waste. The automated unloading mechanism not only speeds up tasks but also reduces potential injuries and boosts operational efficiency.

    Hydraulic tippers are a favorite across various industries, from construction sites to agricultural fields, due to their versatility and time-saving benefits. Whether you’re transporting soil, produce, or debris, the hydraulic tipper trailer is the tool of choice for many professionals.

    The ideal size for your hydraulic tipper trailer depends on your specific needs. Consider the type and volume of materials you’ll be transporting, the towing capacity of your vehicle, and where you’ll be using the trailer (e.g., narrow urban areas vs. open construction sites).

    Yes, we offer Trailer Pay. Additionally, we have our in-house broker, Tow Finance Solutions, to assist you. You can apply online

    The weight a hydraulic tipper trailer can carry, also known as its load capacity or Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), varies based on its design and specifications. Our standard 10×6 3.5t Tipper can carry 2450kg, and our 12×7 3.5t can carry 2300kg max loads. 

    Regular maintenance for hydraulic tipper trailers includes checking the hydraulic fluid levels and ensuring there are no leaks, inspecting the trailer bed for wear or damage, lubricating moving parts, and checking the brakes, lights, and tires. It’s advisable to have a professional inspect the trailer annually or as recommended by the manufacturer.

    Yes, as long as they adhere to local regulations, are not overloaded, and are properly maintained, hydraulic tipper trailers are safe for road use. Always ensure the load is evenly distributed and securely fastened.

    Always read the manufacturer’s manual before operating the tipping mechanism. Ensure the trailer is on level ground, keep clear of the trailer bed when tipping, and ensure no one else is near the trailer during the operation.

    While these trailers are designed for transporting heavy and loose materials like sand or gravel, they can transport a wide range of materials, from construction debris to agricultural produce. Always ensure you do not exceed the trailer’s weight limit.

    Yes – we offer Spare wheels, and brake controllers and standard options. But feel free to fill out our custom trailer request form if your requirements are a little more specific. 

    For trailers with a 3500kg capacity, a brake controller in your towing vehicle is required due to their dual electric drum brakes.

    Store your hydraulic tipper trailer in a dry, sheltered location to protect it from weather elements. Ensure it’s on level ground and use wheel chocks to prevent it from moving.