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Every tradie knows the value of dependable gear. That’s why at Titanium Trailers, we focus on crafting car trailers that won’t let you down. Manufactured right here in Townsville, our trailers are designed with the ruggedness of Aussie terrains in mind.

Choose from our diverse range. Whether it’s the sturdy 15ft 3.5t model  or the versatile 18ft Rampless tilt 3500kg, we’ve got something that’s fit for purpose. And if our standard options don’t quite match your needs, we’re on hand to help with customised solutions.

Our trailers aren’t just built to last; they’re designed for the job at hand. Features like dual electric drum brakes and Rocker roller load share suspension ensure you can haul safely and with confidence, no matter the cargo.

Concerned about costs? We’ve got you. Our finance options are tailored for tradies, ensuring you can get what you need without breaking the bank. Plus, wherever you are in Australia, we can arrange delivery.

Titanium Trailers. Reliable. Robust. Ready when you are.

Car Trailer | Titanium Trailers

Breakaway system as standard

Jockey Wheel as standard

Dual Electric Drum Brakes

Spare wheel as standard

Axle Type 45mm Solid

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Car Trailers: Built for the road

At Titanium Trailers, we keep our standards high: reliable, robust car trailers without the fuss. Designed with tradespeople and car enthusiasts in mind, every trailer is tailored for maximum efficiency, durability, and seamless handling on Australian roads.

From the compact 15ft 3.5t model starting at $7935 to the 16ft 3.5t model, available at $9535, we’ve structured our offerings to cater to diverse needs and budgets.

Every car trailer we build ensures safety, with features like dual electric drum brakes and Rocker roller load share suspension as a standard. Whether you’re transporting a prized vintage car, hauling machinery, or heading to a race event, our trailers guarantee a smooth ride.

We prioritize strength and reliability. Made mainly from galvanised steel combined with high-quality fixtures, our car trailers offer both lightness for easy manoeuvrability and strength for demanding hauls. And for those unexpected low-visibility scenarios, we’ve got you covered with bright LED lights to guide your way.

Titanium Trailers is not just another trailer brand; it’s a hallmark of dependability. Our ethos is clear-cut: meld the genuine, personalised approach you’d expect from a local with the sophisticated craftsmanship and high standards that professionals demand.

With a rich legacy of precision engineering, we’ve cemented our position as a leading car trailer manufacturer in Australia. Our dedication and in-depth understanding of what our customers seek are evident in every trailer we produce. Whether you’re a mechanic transporting vehicles or an adventurer trailblazing new paths, we ensure you roll out with the best.

Opting for Titanium Trailers means getting the finest in functionality matched with unparalleled after-sales support. Every car trailer we present isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a reflection of our commitment. A commitment to durability, versatility, and a shopping experience that’s unmatched.

Need help picking a trailer or have after-sale questions? Just contact us. We’re here to assist.

Single Car Trailer - Black - Titanium Traielrs
Car Trailer 3500kg | Titanium Trailers
car trailer by Titanium Trailers
Tipper Trailer 12x7 dual axel black

Frequently Asked Questions

If your Car Transport trailer is in stock, it will be ready in just a few days. If your car trailer is out of stock, we will inform you of the estimated arrival time when you order. Please note that adding options and accessories may add to the delivery time.

No need to wait. We offer on-site registration, allowing you to drive away immediately.

Absolutely! We have showrooms in Townsville, Gympie, Cairns, and Brisbane. However, each showroom stocks different models, so please message or call us in advance if there’s a specific model you’d like to see.

Yes, we offer Trailer Pay. Additionally, we have our in-house broker, Tow Finance Solutions, to assist you. You can apply online

Definitely. You’re covered by a 12-month warranty when you purchase from us.

We offer various upgrades, including ARK Electric Winches, Battery and toolbox for your winch, Tie downs, Front toolboxes, Lock n Load system, spare wheels, brake controllers, and finish options in black, grey, or galvanised.

The only additional cost, other than any chosen options, is registration. It’s $250 for the first year or $150 for 6 months.

Our website lets you fully customise your car trailer online. If you’d like an official quote on a letterhead, please contact us to organise.

We recommend servicing your trailer every 6 months and performing regular checks before each trip. It’s crucial to ensure its longevity and safe operation.

Our car trailers vary in capacity. However, our highest capacity model can handle up to 3500kg.

For trailers with a 3500kg capacity, a brake controller in your towing vehicle is required due to their dual electric drum brakes.

Consider the weight and size of the vehicle you’ll be towing, terrain, and any additional customisations you might need. Our team can help guide you to the perfect choice based on these factors.

While our trailers don’t come standard with winches, we do offer ARK Electric Winches as an upgrade. The trailers are also equipped with winch mounts for easy installation.


What our customers are saying.

Rest assured you are in good hands when you place an order with Titanium Trailers. Here’s what our customers have to say.

Shirilee Peebles
Shirilee Peebles
Straight from the get go these are great guys to deal with. I placed my order with Don after checking out the web site and was able to place my order straight away. Was told my trailer would be ready in 3-5 weeks but a week later I received a text message saying it was ready. Great looking trailer and cage, heaps of tie down bars and tows really well. Go for it ??
Matt Betteridge
Matt Betteridge
Very friendly and helpful staff. Well priced, excellent service and very high quality workmanship. 100% recommend.
Abigails Aquarius
Abigails Aquarius
Absolutely professional service. Second to none. Wish I could give them more stars ⭐ honestly. 10 out of 10 Recommended!! Thanks Guys
Suzanne McRae
Suzanne McRae
Great customer service and quality product ?. Easy transaction. Thank you
Jason Page
Jason Page
2100x1800 Flat stainless canopy. Titanium are great to deal with and walk the talk. All inexpensive canopies come with welding marks on the outside from my observations. So if this bothers you, spend more and get something made here.
Gracie Cooper
Gracie Cooper
Very happy with our Trailer received for our NFP Charity Audrey’s Angels. Don went above and beyond in assisting us with extras required on trailer. Very friendly and helpful would highly recommend Titanium Trailers Townsville. Thank you once again Don for your good service. Gracie Cooper Audrey’s Angels of Hope NFP Charity helping cancer patients.
Adam Webster
Adam Webster
I received great service from the team at Titanium Trailers. I called last Saturday morning to enquire on what box traliers were in stock, by mon day morning a deposit was paid and I picked up our new trailer the next day. Very easy to deal with, they were only happy to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend these guys. Thank you one again!
Trevor Ward
Trevor Ward
Great value
Susan Soper
Susan Soper
Excellent professional allround service.