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Canopy with ladder rack and roof racks
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Ute Canopies for Tradies: Secure Your Gear with Titanium Trailers

Across Australia, tradies like you face a daily challenge: safeguarding their gear. And we’re not just talking about opportunistic thieves but also the relentless Aussie elements. Here’s where our Aluminium Canopies and Toolboxes step in to ensure you’re always ready for work.

Large Custom Made Plant Trailer
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Custom Trailers Tailored to Your Needs by Titanium Trailers

Every trailer owner has distinct needs and requirements. Whether it’s to accommodate a particular piece of equipment, tackle challenging terrains, or simply ensure maximum efficiency during operations, trailers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Recognizing this, Titanium Trailers, based in Garbutt, Townsville, has stepped in to fill this niche by providing tailored solutions to meet these unique demands.